DonMod Phenomena

The word in the subject line - DonMod has no registered meaning in any of the modern dictionaries. However, I would like to coin one. It is a phenomena that has taken over two of the biggest democracies in the world - United States of America and India. And it has to do with the selection of their President of the US and Prime Minister of India by democratic voting system.

Let me further give short forms to the two big heads -
  1. POTUS - President Of The United States
  2. PMOI - Prime Minister Of India
Similarities defining DonMod Phenomena -
  1. No Political Descendents - Both POTUS and PMOI did not have any ancestors taking part directly in politics of these two countries. They are the product of their own generation and political knowledge acquired is not via inheritance.
  2. Businessman Joining Politics - While POTUS is widely considered to be a very successful businessman around reality space with his Trump brand, PMOI has branded himself as a tea seller. No matter how big or small, both came from business background.
  3. Common Agenda - Country first is probably the straight forward motto for both of them. Their speeches show their dedication towards doing something great about their country which they would like to take to further heights and make a name for themselves.
  4. Protectionist - POTUS and PMOI both cater to the majority of people who had been marginalized over the years because of their divided votes. They both gave an opportunity for this majority of people to unite and vote with a bang.
  5. Hate Political Class - They both in some fashion distanced themselves from the normal political class implying that they hate these corrupt political class of only words and no action. They mean business and business comes in action only.
  6. Talk Big - You know how great ideas are followed by great deeds. They do talk big, dream big and execute normal. But they have a striking PR and salesmanship with ability to project their actions in a spell bound fashion.
  7. Negotiators - Both POTUS and PMOI have been excellent negotiators, are part of some kind of common reach out program for other nations and try hard to sell their brand with the best bargain.
  8. Unfair Media Trial - Both POTUS during US elections and PMOI during Godhra riots have their share of reasons why they hate media because they were grossly misinterpreted and misrepresented in media trials that were nothing short of a circus.
  9. Appeal Old Laws - While POTUS did it with his first executive order which was to repeal ObamaCare, I remember pretty well that one of the first actions taken by PMOI was to make null and void hundreds of meaningly archaic indian laws.
  10. Risk Taking Ability - POTUS gave up his fledgling business to try his luck with Presidency. And PMOI introduced demonetization in India for the larger good to get rid of black money which has huge risk of losing on political capital. But they are not afraid to take risks.
  11. Won By Electoral System - Both won courtesy electoral system. While POTUS has one of the lowest approval ratings for any incoming president and did not even win popular vote, Modi had hardly 29% voting for his party and still managed to get complete majority.
And I am sure, there are many more. So, I haven't nailed it yet, but aren't these striking similarities. Together these two men are leaders of the largest chunk of population in the world. This is definitely some kind of precursor what is going on and the fact that things will be joined in the hip for these two great nations in the near future.

If you are still wondering about the word let me tell you, it is formed by the first three letters of their respective first name and last name - (Don)ald Trump and Narendra (Mod)i.