Giving Time

I read this quote somewhere and it didn't make a lot of sense - Happiness doesn't result from what we get but from what we give. So I decided to test this out. The whole idea revolves around giving. But giving what - money, blood, knowledge, consultancy or time? I had to make a choice. And I decided that I probably am required to give the most precious of those thing, which certainly is time. Come on, it is the only limited entity in this world for every living soul.

And the opportunity came knocking on the doors. Jigar sent a forward about a requirement to work as a volunteer to help Visually Challenged Students (VCS) write an exam. And being a yes man, I jumped on it. This was a 2 hours of exam and I got in touch with people like Abhishek, Mangesh and Hanni (from Pearls of Vision with one of the sweetest voice). Basically, I helped Mangesh give an online bank examination. My responsibility was to read out the questions and choices to Mangesh and help him understand the question and then mark the choices.

And after two hours - the feeling was truly heartwarming. Later, I got in touch with Hanni and came to know more about Pearls of Vision. This opens up a whole new opportunity for me to help people around. I think I would next try to give my knowledge and help these guys to come up with a technologically improved reachout program for managing volunteers - better.