I went for a DSN program of Art of Living and I am already bubbling with confidence. Incidentally, this was the very chapter during which the full form of the program was changed from Divya Shakti Nirman to Dynamism for Self and Nation. What a way to go ...

There was one important point touched during the program which was around creativity. We get so bogged down by daily schedules that we give no time to ourselves and in the process creativity takes a back seat.

No matter how busy you are, everyone of us should find time for creativity. This made me wonder that if I have to do something creative - what will that be. I think I will be good at writing a poem which rhymes properly. But I would like the poem to be meaningful and funny. It should convey a message but that message should be hidden in layers of fun, laughter and a beautiful storyline.

Alright that's the plan. I will execute it on one of these days but not today. I have no time at the moment ... No puns intended!