Be Kind

I really enjoyed the walk today with Shiku. She took the lead here, decided our course, destination, route and stops on places of interest. I am not talking about a world tour but a small walk around Bandra West in the evening. It was lovely and rejuvenating. We kept strolling across traffic, hospitals, talking our heart out and making each other laugh. Since we had no wallets and a little bit hungry we were constantly on a lookout for places accepting PayTM. We stopped at Natural's Ice Cream where Shiku took anjeer cone and I preferred walnut cone, but this was a take away for we kept walking while eating the cone. Next culinary stop was Zaffran where we had awesome, soft and tasty chicken tikka. We should do it more often. But something very interesting happened on our way home and this is where I justify the title.

We were having no wallet and hence no money. So we were looking for a taxi guy who will be willing to accept paytm and drop us back home. It was 10 in the night and we kept on getting rejected by one taxiwala/autowala after another. Nobody was accepting paytm when out of nowhere this sardarji appeared with a taxi. He said the same thing that he can't accept paytm but was kind enough to drop us back home. We were delighted. He offered to drop us free of cost. If you think about it - he had all the rights to judge us, deny us, humiliate us, but he was kind enough to offer us help and the transportation free of cost.

In return of the kindness, I thought of giving him something that he can't return in kind. So we kept talking during the journey and we figured out that he was really interested in learning how one can digitally receive payments. But no one was there to teach him. This was our opportunity to step up. We quickly took his mobile, downloaded the app, got the car stopped in a sideway and step by step got him registered. On top of this, we made the first payment to him i.e. of the taxi fare to help him understand how it works. He found it really easy and his happiness was so much visible in his face. This made us very happy for these little acts of kindness makes this world a beautiful place. Isn't it?

FYI ... His name is Rupinder.