Games To Play With Your 3 Year Old Daughters

Here is a quick list of games you can play with your 3-year old daughters -

  1. Timed puzzles - Make them sit against each other. Give them a set of puzzles of equal difficulty and time their race to solving the puzzles.
  2. Aim for the basket - Get small bean bags and a basket. Make them throw the bean bags and aim for the basket from a distance.
  3. Catch catch - Can be played with a ball or balloon. Make them throw it at each other. Record the rallies and make them break their own records.
  4. Yoga or gym exercise - They are amazingly flexible and have great stamina at this stage. Do Shilpa Shetty or Bipasha Basu exercise.
  5. Read books - Get a wonderful set of books and read with them in the library with all the action, sound and a great deal of drama.
  6. Race to the finish line - Make a clearly demarcated starting and ask them to race towards you on go. The one clapping you first wins.