Ikigai - A Reason For Being

I am sure everyone of us has at some point or the other pondered on this most basic question - what you should be doing? And the following Japanese concept explains it in and out - Ikigai.

If you are at that intersection called Ikigai then you are destined to succeed - sooner or later.

  1. What you Love?
  2. What you are good at?
  3. What the world needs?
  4. What you can be paid for?

Very often we start with the first question and probably figure out the second but miss on the later two which causes a lot of anguish later down the line. Do proper research, answer all of them and then you will hit bulls eye if you are standing on Ikigai.

If you haven't found that intersection ... keep looking ... don't give up.

As far as I am concerned, I am exactly where I want and looking back taking those tough decisions and risk has played out extremely well for me. You bet I have a story to tell ... :-)