US Visa Payment Linking

If you are applying for a US Visa, you have to pay the fee prior to your Visa interview. You are required to make the payment via NEFT. What really intrigued me though was how will they manage to ascertain and link my application with my payment. Afterall, I am simply required to make a payment. Am I supposed to write something special in the description while making the payment or are there going to be further steps involved where I am required to give some receipt number for that link to work properly.

As it turned out this was hardly complicated but a new system which I was introduced to by US Visa fee payment only. It's called Unique Beneficiary Account Number (UBAN). So basically, when they requested to make the payment - they gave me an account number which was unique to my application and hence a payment done in that account number implies the application process stands complete.

Pretty neat ... I must say.