Rules Of AM Sqaure


  • AM Square is essentially a memory game!
  • The person who has maximum pairs (of cards) in the end - wins.
  • It is a two player game and can be completed in 30 minutes. 

What you need?

  • A deck of standard playing 52-cards
  • Two players
  • Very good memory to win

Intial Setup
  • Shuffle the cards nicely
  • Spread all the cards on the table face down

Game Rules
  • The person who did not spread the cards gets the first turn
  • He or She can pick any card, turn its face up so that it is clearly visible to the other person and then required to put the card back - face down
  • Next, the other player is allowed to pick any card if the first person gives up his/her turn
  • On every person's turn - he/she is allowed to pick one card and after picking one card, he/she can immediately pick another to make a pair
  • A pair can only be made between same color (spade with clover and diamond with hearts) and same rank (king with king and five with five)
  • Few examples of pairs are as follows -
    • ace of hearts and ace of diamond
    • nine of spade and nine of clover
    • king of diamond and king of hearts
  • If you attempt to make a pair (act of picking up the second card in your turn), you are either rewarded or penalized depending on a successful or failed attempt respectively
  • If successful in making a pair, you get another turn. If failed in making a pair, you get penalized by giving up an existing pair you made to the other person. 
  • The person with most pairs in the end wins.

Let the game begin!!