Discovering Six New Spells For Harry Potter

Here is a list of six new spells to help Harry Potter get the much needed edge in the fight against - "You Know Who?" The spells are supported with their respective signs as well. The spells have been specially crafted by Nav (with help from Maddy). Feel free to ask any queries and Nav will be happy to revert as soon as possible.
  • celeriter movebitur => The spell helps you move a person or an object - super fast

  • et invisibilia => This is a very interesting spell that allows a person or an object go invisible

  • et potio magicae => A spell much like a secret ingredient helps you make the magic potions

  • ostende somnium => This spell helps you create an illusion or show a dream

  • partum duplici exemplari => The spell make a complete duplicate of a person or magical object

  • super vires adepto => This spell gives you super strength