Rules Of Marram Chautti

  • This is a multi player game which can be played among 3 or more players
  • It should be played in an open ground with some demarcated boundary within people can easily run and duck
What you need?
  • A tennis ball or a soft ball that is not very hard
  • Running sport shoes for every player
  • A nice open glass/sand playground
Initial Setup
  • The game is played between two teams - Marram and Chautti
  • Initially, one person is selected in the Marram team and rest of the players are in Chautti
  • Players can run anywhere within the demarcated open area
Game Rules
  • The ball is giving to one person in the Marram team
  • The people in the Marram team can throw the ball at people in the Chautti team and people in the Chautti team are required to escape
  • If the ball hits anybody in the Chautti team they switch the team and join Marram immediately
  • There is a restriction for Marram team - If you are holding the ball you cannot walk/run/jog.
  • You can only throw the ball at Chautti team member or pass the ball to another Marram team player
  • The game ends when all the players of Chautti team have joined Marram team
Let the game begin!