✔ #001 - Write A Simple Poem Deep Diving On Art Of Life

I felt so alone as I was looking for like minded people,
Only to realize I am unique and opposites complement.
And now everything around feels like home.

I used to hid my face inside sand like a camel before storm,
Only to realize people and situation don't change.
And they simply need to be accepted as they are.

I thought you defined my very existence,
Only to realize that your comments were just a passing thought.
And I can no longer be a football of your opinions.

I jumped on every occasion making fault-finding my mission,
Only to realize your mistakes just happened.
And it was foolish of me to find intentions.

I lived my life in past pains and future worries,
Only to forget my very name. Come on Abhijeet live in the present.
And all you need to do is - win this moment.

For ups and downs are part of life,
And smiling through them is art of life.